Churn Out Delicious Harmonies By Moving Chords Through Scales

How do Alicia Keys, Bill Withers, Cory Henry, Red Garland, and Renaissance composer Guillaume Du Fay compose steady streams of tasty harmony? They move chords through scales.

This is a blog post adaptation of the following video:

This video is part of a series called Isn’t Music Theory, where I share some of my ideas about music and how we learn it. I’ve adapted and/or commented on the video for this post. If you’re interested, check out the whole series on the Midnight Oil Collective YouTube channel.

This follows up on my scales video, giving you an overview of chords in a simple and powerful way: showing how they move through scales.  I show you how to build major, minor, and diminished triads in any key, and I play you some examples of how these things show up in songs. Stay tuned till the end for a cover of Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry,” visually analyzed on the Keyring. 

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